Behind the scenes: Inside the engine room of the model pipeline

Live demonstration of the ML Ops tools developed by the Ring engineers to train, store, and evaluate models. We’ll dive deep into the end-to-end researcher experience and how the entire workflow can be automated using a model pipeline.

Meet the speaker

Ciprian Amzuloiu
Ciprian Amzuloiu Software Engineer at Amazon

I’m Ciprian from Timișoara, and I’ve been working at Amazon as a software development engineer for two years. I graduated in computer science engineering in 2021 at the University of Craiova and got my first touch with Artificial Intelligence during my diploma project when I made a research project on using transformers models for the plagiarism detection problem.

Currently, I’m part of the Ring Research AI organization, where I develop cloud solutions to assist Machine Learning researchers in creating new computer vision models and algorithms for the Ring cameras. During the presentation, you’ll see a part of the solutions I worked on with my Ring colleagues from Iasi, Bucharest, and Timișoara.