Fireside chat with Rudradeb Mitra, Founder of Omdena AI

  • Monday, February 24th 2020, 18:00 - 20:00
  • Ness Digital Engineering Iasi, 5C Palas Street 700051

Rudradeb Mitra started his career as an AI researcher in 2002 and worked with research labs like IBM Research Lab, TZI and startups and banks to build AI products. During that period he also published ten research papers on AI.

In the last two years, besides working on building AI products, he is also busy with sharing his knowledge and experiences. He is a mentor of Google Launchpad, MIT Enterprise, and Founders Institute, an Entrepreneur in Residence at WeWork Labs, and a senior AI advisor of EFMA.

Eight months ago he founded Omdena where he is actively building AI for Good through collaboration.

About Omdena

Omdena is a collaborative platform building AI for Good solving grand social problems with over 800 collaborators from 72 countries that joined hands to solve 15 social challenges, working with organizations like UN World Food Program, World Energy Council, World Resource Institute, UN High Commission for Refugees and many more impact-driven organizations.

Meet the speaker

Rudradeb Mitra
Rudradeb Mitra Founder Omdena AI

Building AI for good through collaboratively solving real-world problems. This is also changing future of education and work.