Introduction to Deep Learning for NLP and Computer Vision workshop

  • March 6th - April 3rd 2021
  • Online

Within March 6th - April 3rd, within FII Practic 2021 edition organized by Computer Science Faculty of Iași and ASII, we've hosted a 5 session workshop, an introductory course into deep learning for natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision.

Workshop sessions

Introduction to Deep Learning: NN fundamentals, NN training algo: gradient descent + backpropagation, regularization
Deep Sequence Modeling: RNN, LSTM, embeddings, NMT (neural machine translator), Transformer
Deep Computer Vision: CNN
Deep Generative Modeling: GANs, VAEs

Meet the trainers

Alex Movila
Alex Movila Senior Java developer at Fortech

Since 2001, Alex has worked as a Java developer for several companies (Iași and Netherlands) and in the recent years he became passionate about deep learning.