Machine Learning workshop

  • August 7th - September 18th
  • Hub932 Iași 18 Spinți Street Iasi

What does supervised or non-supervised learning mean? Precision, ROC, cross-validation? Join our 2nd community workshop between August 7th - September 18th (7 sessions) and learn to build, train, visualize or troubleshoot common issues in Machine Learning.

Workshop sessions

What is Machine Learning, Supervised and Non-supervised Learning, Classification & Regression
Evaluation: recall, precision, ROC, cross-validation, overfit and underfit
Feature Selection and Feature Extraction
Clustering and Hyperparameter tuning
Short introduction in Neural networks & Deep learning
Reinforcement learning


  • Knowledge on algorithms.
  • Previous development experience with Python.

Meet the trainers

Andrei Șuiu
Andrei Șuiu

Software Engineer with affinity to research and data science. Enjoy using NLP & ML techniques to solve real life problems. Passionate about Knowledge Representation & Reasoning.

Petru Rebeja
Petru Rebeja

Passionate about AI, data science and technology, PhD student at Computer Science Faculty, focused on the field of natural language processing and artificial neural networks.